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As close as you'll get to Arendelle

19 Aug


Frozen Miniature Book by Little Literature


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Frozen by TALE on pixiv


Frozen by TALE on pixiv

16 Aug

Disney + Dance

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16 Aug


Classic Disney Movies Week: Day 5: Favorite Classic Couple
➸ Roger and Anita Radcliffe (1961)

"It was plain to see that my old pet needed someone, but if it were left up to Roger, we’d be bachelors forever. He was married to his work writing songs. Songs about romance of all things. Something he knew absolutely nothing about."

15 Aug

Collection of Incredicle Fan Music Artists


So, I posted a while back about how I was exploring fan music (traditionally known as filk) and looking for things that were 1) not just comedy, 2) good songs that I would enjoy independent of fandom context and 3) in fandoms I like. (also, fan music =/= remixing canon songs, though those can be…

15 Aug

westergardian said: Hi there! I was just wondering where did you find one of the songs on your playlist - Please come home Elsa? Is it on yt or somewhere else? I just like it so much!

Hello! ‘Come Home Elsa’ is an original fan song by Lily Sevin. Doesn’t she sound just like Anna? Check out her other works too. :)

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15 Aug

Eyyooo!! Time to start watching ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’!

New stills of Elsa, Kristoff and a peewee version of Sven have been released, and they’re getting ready for a wedding! Elsa is played by Georgina Haig and Michael Scott Foster is Kristoff.

Are you excited for this? Click the jump for the rest of the article.

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06 Jul


The Princess Club

Episode 84

02 Jul


I’m Blogging for Mental Health 2014: Disney’s Movie “Frozen”: Elsa as a case study in Borderline Personality Disorder

01 Jul

Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster cast as Anna and Kristoff in Once Upon a Time (x)

23 Jun




From Anna’s POV

Mangaka/Artist: A-KA

Always reblog. Most amazing and unique sketches.

Holy crap I realized a quarter of the way through what I was looking at and freaked

23 Jun

frozen + social media (inspired by x x x)

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My love.


My love.

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12 Jun


you fucking salmon

11 Jun

//I will forever wonder what Hans planned to say to change Elsa’s mind about the marriage. It must have been good.

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